Od M. B. Dne 11/Jun/2024 :

    Titul : Pianta eccezionale
    Komentáře : La mia seconda coltivazione, varietà veramente resistente e adatta per i principianti, coltivata outdoor con raccolto a inizio novembre (15gr a secco) in condizioni ambientali tutt'altro che ottimali. Sono rimasto impressionato dalla resistenza di questa genetica, comoda per essere coltivata anche per chi non ha molto spazio o vuole mantenere la pianta nascosta. Le cime hanno un aspetto lungo e arioso, forte odore skunk ma con lievi note dolci. Adatta per essere consumata prima di andare a dormire o per momenti con amici se non si vuole essere troppo sballati.

    Od T. R. Dne 11/Jun/2024 :

    Titul : Jimmi
    Komentáře : So eine Schönheit

    Od A. B. Dne 11/Jun/2024 :

    Titul : Alex
    Komentáře : 5 von 5 Samen gekeimt und alle wachsen sehr gut. Outdoor grow

    Od C. B. Dne 11/Jun/2024 :

    Titul : C
    Komentáře : Die Pflanzen haben gut gekeimt und sehen auch recht ansehnlich aus. Einen deutliche Größenunterschied zu anderen mir bekannten Automatics konnte ich nicht feststellen. Ich bin gespannt, wie es weitergeht.

    Od D. S. Dne 30/May/2024 :

    Titul : 👍👍👍👍👍
    Komentáře : 3/3 gekeimt top 🥳🥳😁

    Od M. M. Dne 30/May/2024 :

    Titul : Gruß aus Deutschland !
    Komentáře : Sehr zum weiter empfehlen. Schnelle Lieferung. Tolle Samen, alles sind gekeimt und trotz schlechtem Wetter pflanzen waksen ohne Probleme.

    Od B. S. Dne 30/May/2024 :

    Titul : Excellent
    Komentáře : Wound up with 2 fairly different phenos as far as plant structure and height, but the smoke is very similar. One plant was nearly twice the height of the other one grown side by side in the same tent. Both had a solid yield and I have been enjoying the final product hands down. Described accurately, does what it says on the tin.

    Od B. J. Dne 21/May/2024 :

    Titul : BigB.
    Komentáře : Alle Samen sind gekeimt. Wachstum ist recht schnell und üppig. Blüten sehen gut aus. Bin gespannt auf den Ertrag!!

    Od A. S. Dne 21/May/2024 :

    Titul : Perfect
    Komentáře : All five sprouted all good

    Od L. G. Dne 16/May/2024 :

    Titul : L
    Komentáře : Easy to grow, nice size for indoor, only used a small lamp and everything went great. The high is on the funny side for me.

    Od A. F. Dne 09/May/2024 :

    Titul : Small but Strong
    Komentáře : Grew her outside on a balcony and she got to about 1.5 feet, got around 110 grams

    Od P. I. Dne 09/May/2024 :

    Titul : Paul
    Komentáře : Too strains für Anfänger . Ohne großartig Licht und Mühe hast du zwischen 10-15g trocken raus

    Od R. F. Dne 29/Apr/2024 :

    Titul : LMAA
    Komentáře : gute Ernte, leicht zu züchten. Sehr gut für Anfänger

    Od K. K. Dne 29/Apr/2024 :

    Titul : ✌️🌞💚💭....
    Komentáře : Ši karta, buvo visos 6/6 sėklos daigios. Praeita karta išdygo 2/6 , bet buvo kitos rūšies sėklos. Ačiū! ✌️🌞💚💭....

    Od R. H. Dne 25/Apr/2024 :

    Titul : great seeds
    Komentáře : Hi, I planted 5 and 4 came up and are doing great so far .I will buy more soon. Thanks

    Od A. S. Dne 25/Apr/2024 :

    Titul : awesome seeds
    Komentáře : plants are looking great so far!

    Od A. W. Dne 25/Apr/2024 :

    Titul : Abdi
    Komentáře : Sprössling ist das warte auf das Ergebnis

    Od B. J. Dne 25/Apr/2024 :

    Titul : D.J.H
    Komentáře : Easy to hide and easy to grow. The results are good.

    Od G. S. Dne 11/Apr/2024 :

    Titul : Royal Dwarf First Grow
    Komentáře : first grow in my life I went with royal dwarf as it’s a slightly smaller plant that fits my set up well. Was not expecting how well the plant turned out without using any added nutrients i was able to get a slightly under half a lb of wet buds in a little under 4 months. highly recommend with proper lst/topping and nutrients the plant would have been a monster.

    Od S. T. Dne 03/Apr/2024 :

    Titul : J'adore
    Komentáře : J'ai beaucoup aimé le goût et les effets

    Od D. M. Dne 03/Apr/2024 :

    Titul : First Grow
    Komentáře : Very pleasant high, was my first grow and I was very very satisfied. The yield on my first grow was less than 50 grams, but for me as a beginner, this amount was enough for me and my friends all year round!

    Od O. G. Dne 27/Mar/2024 :

    Titul : Oliver
    Komentáře : Sehr tolle Samen, so macht es spaß!

    Od V. M. Dne 22/Mar/2024 :

    Titul : Vinzenz
    Komentáře : durch autoflowering wirklich perfekt für Anfänger geeignet. Alle samen sind gekeimt.

    Od M. S. Dne 04/Mar/2024 :

    Titul : Herr
    Komentáře : Diese Sorte ist easy anzubauen ,super im Geschmack und lässt Kollegen ein reden einschlafen. :D

    Od A. M. Dne 01/Mar/2024 :

    Titul : Royal Dwarfer
    Komentáře : Quick, safe delivery Thanks

    Od P. G. Dne 01/Mar/2024 :

    Titul : Bom material
    Komentáře : Pequena e robusta. Nao produziu muito mas é bastante rapida a florir e bate bem forte!

    Od T. F. Dne 28/Feb/2024 :

    Titul : Fabian
    Komentáře : Sehr potent

    Od K. F. Dne 26/Feb/2024 :

    Titul : Mofo
    Komentáře : Was my first grow about 4 years ago. Was about 110cm high und full of beautiful big buds. Got 35g out of an indoor plant with no artificial lighting. High was strong and well balanced! Ordering this one again

    Od S. D. Dne 26/Feb/2024 :

    Titul : Looking forward to this crop
    Komentáře : A pack of three seeds turned up very quickly from RQS. Well packaged, I love how the seeds are presented. As soon as they arrived I started one of them. Within twelve hours the seed had popped and a small white root was visible. It is now planted in a large pot and I have high hopes for this plant! I bought some auto seeds from a rival company some months ago after a successful photoperiod grow from them. NONE of the seeds germinated in a three pack which was very disappointing. These seeds were much cheaper but this is not the first time I didn't get germination from the rival company. RQS seeds seem to be much better quality as they come from the pack dark brown rather than white from the rival firm. Would shop here again.

    Od L. T. Dne 06/Feb/2024 :

    Titul : Luca
    Komentáře : Sehr zufrieden!

    Od L. M. Dne 30/Jan/2024 :

    Titul : Erster Grow
    Komentáře : Dieser Strain war mein erster Grow und ist daher natürlich auch eher klein geworden. Mit einer Größe von ca. 30 cm hatte ich 4g ertrag, hatte jedoch nur eine pflanze. Der Strain ist ganz ok, würde ihn mir aber nicht nochmal kaufen

    Od N. R. Dne 22/Jan/2024 :

    Titul : A+
    Komentáře : This will be my first time growing and have Heard nothing but good things about RQS and have had a lot of people tell me to get royal dwarf as a first grow so i decided to check it out and give a few seeds a try if every thing works out good as i feel it will i will Definitely be ordering more

    Od L. G. Dne 09/Jan/2024 :

    Titul : Royal Dwarf
    Komentáře : Grew the strain a while back, easy to grow, maintain and I remember it tasted pretty nice aswell.. A nice little plant actually :)

    Od T. Y. Dne 09/Jan/2024 :

    Titul : Irony
    Komentáře : This is my first grow, and went with Royal Dwarf because.. I thought it'd be relatively small and manageable. The data sheet says max. 70cm inside, 90cm outside. My plant is at least 180cm mid bloom.. Wish me luck

    Od D. P. Dne 04/Jan/2024 :

    Titul : Fast shipping.. FAST GROWIN💯
    Komentáře : Others say its slow during germination and seedling stage but so far a little before vegetation stage, dwarf has grown fast af. I have two other royal critical autos that i started before royal dwarf and she was able to go up to speed and stay close to the distance of the Critical. Btw shipping was FAST ASH, took only 3 days to come by my door ready to get started and popped

    Od G. M. Dne 28/Dec/2023 :

    Titul : Super Kool tree
    Komentáře : Dwarf as it says but now it’s amazing

    Od M. M. Dne 22/Dec/2023 :

    Titul : Better than "Quick one"
    Komentáře : I bought "Quick one" and "Royal Dwarf". At first 'Royal Dwarf' grew very slowly, even the seed was smaller than a fast growing one. Now after transplanting, at the seedling stage, it must be said that the dwarf has grown faster and does not emit any smell. "Quick one" is noticeably smaller and has an intense herbal scent. Both herbs grown under identical conditions.

    Od A. H. Dne 18/Dec/2023 :

    Titul : Love this site
    Komentáře : All the seeds I have brought came out perfect and gave me a good amount of big buds! I’ll most definitely will be doing business with them.

    Od G. H. Dne 05/Oct/2023 :

    Titul : A good auto
    Komentáře : First: thank you RQS, I got this seed as a previous order gift, you guys rock 🤘 I have bad previous experiences with autos, most of them start flowering even though they're 5 cm tall because of stress (cold night, condition change etc.) So I put this dwarf in a 5 liters pot and waited. It sprouted vigorously and started growing resolutely. I put this little girl outside during the day and back in house during cold nights ( some went down to 12°C in August ). It grew up to 25cm (10 inches), I cut it after 10 weeks and I harvested 8 grams ( once dried ) of sticky mouthwatering scented flowers. It still worth the price ( especially when it's free ) but I take one star off because of the poor yield compared to normal strains ( may be my fault btw, autos require attention ). I vaped it using a S&B Mighty, the taste is awesome, the vapor is dense with complex aromas and fruity accents. The effect is highly relaxing, perfect against anxiety and sleep disorder. I ordered 5 more seeds of this strain.

    Od T. B. Dne 03/Oct/2023 :

    Titul : Good
    Komentáře : Very nice flavor

    Od S. D. Dne 02/Oct/2023 :

    Titul : So einfach!
    Komentáře : Für mich als Anfänger war es eine gute Wahl sie zu kaufen :)

    Od D. B. Dne 02/Oct/2023 :

    Titul : Dima
    Komentáře : Bought royal dwarf because his small growt........ Turns out to the biggest m#therf#cker in my garden. Fantastic yield (65 dry) an nice smoke. Royal Giant!!

    Od T. O. Dne 30/Aug/2023 :

    Titul : Small and speedy
    Komentáře : A quick stealthy grow that went well, probably a higher yield than expected and a pleasant smoke which suited perfectly

    Od O. D. Dne 25/Aug/2023 :

    Titul : Romu
    Komentáře : bon gout et defoncait de fou apres 3jour de seche je recommande

    Od B. P. Dne 24/Aug/2023 :

    Titul : Excellent service
    Komentáře : Not started growing yet but very happy with the service provided, 3 working days from when RQS received my payment. I also sent RQS an email regarding the product and was answered with professional help within an hour. Excellent.

    Od S. W. Dne 14/Aug/2023 :

    Titul : Me encantó!
    Komentáře : Soy novata, era mi primera planta y todo salió perfecto, utilicé todos los productos de la página tanto para vegetación como floración y con muy buenos resultados, muchas gracias al equipo además por todos los post de ayuda.

    Od I. S. Dne 14/Aug/2023 :

    Titul : výborné
    Komentáře : S Easy grow boostery nejsou tak trpasličí..2 semena ze 3 vyklíčila. Žádné problémy s růstem. výborné

    Od M. B. Dne 24/Jul/2023 :

    Titul : Better than "Quick one"
    Komentáře : I bought "Quick one" and "Royal Dwarf". At first 'Royal Dwarf' grew very slowly, even the seed was smaller than a fast growing one. Now after transplanting, at the seedling stage, it must be said that the dwarf has grown faster and does not emit any smell. "Quick one" is noticeably smaller and has an intense herbal scent. Both herbs grown under identical conditions.

    Od L. B. Dne 17/Jul/2023 :

    Titul : Solid
    Komentáře : 3 out of 5 and ok yield

    Od A. R. Dne 10/Jul/2023 :

    Titul : Económica e boa
    Komentáře : Proporciona uma boa vibe e uma colheita mediana... Há melhor relação preço/ quantidade

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