Od M. F. Dne 08/Mar/2023 :

    Titul : Decent
    Komentáře : Has good battery life and doesnt overheat tho the mouthpiece could be locked in place

    Od G. N. Dne 04/Oct/2022 :

    Titul : Buon prodotto
    Komentáře : Cercavo un vaporizzatore a poco, ma di buona qualità e questo loè. Con l'erba si comporta molto bene, ma non usatelo col fumo lo rovinate.

    Od L. V. Dne 28/Sep/2022 :

    Titul : great vape
    Komentáře : This vaporizer is very good, heats fast, easy in the hand... Brilliant item for a great price, definitely using RQS again

    Od S. T. Dne 01/Sep/2022 :

    Titul : Waporyzer
    Komentáře : Fajny sprzęt. Szkoda ze nie da rady wymienic pojemnika na towar.

    Od A. K. Dne 08/May/2022 :

    Titul : 1st experiment - Rather satisfied
    Komentáře : First time I'm using a vape. Easy to use and to clean. Compact. Up to my expectations.

    Od G. G. Dne 13/Feb/2022 :

    Titul : Still have to find something better
    Komentáře : This vape does all that it is required. You can vape dry herbs up to 230 °C although sometimes you might want to re-heat it up to make sure you have vaped it all, depending on the time between puffs. If you put more than .2 - .25 gr per session, it might not leave room to evaporate and give a worse sensation when inhaling.

    Od V. K. Dne 07/Jan/2022 :

    Titul : Handy!
    Komentáře : This piece of equipment was a bullseye for me. I was looking for a vape for dry herbs, and I wanted the heat level to be more than 210C. This M*******R heats up to 230 celsius. Easy to use, easy to clean, easy to recharge battery. You can use the Boundless CFC 2.0-, while charging from a powerbank,- but it´s not recommended. If you must, who am I to judge you. Be sure that there is some power in the vape or it wont work. Worth the money! Battery time reduces over time, but until there is Boundless, with rechargeable lithiumion-batteries, that anyone could change and charge, this is the way things go. This is the reason I did not give 5 stars. Good vape for dry herbs!

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