Od G. T. Dne 04/Jun/2024 :

    Titul : M. T
    Komentáře : Je cherchais cette usage pour faciliter les transplantations. Très pratique et s'utilise comme pot normal aussi.

    Od E. F. Dne 30/May/2024 :

    Titul : I love it!
    Komentáře : Just came back to buy more, they feel really good and the velcro is an amazing idea.

    Od L. W. Dne 26/Jun/2023 :

    Titul : Useful but a bit cheap
    Komentáře : I have a lot of fabric pots, I haven't found one exactly like this yet so I can't downplay its usefulness for transplanting and checking on the soil without disturbing your plant(s) to much. But the material used even with the internal lining is fairly cheap like other cheap fabric pots I have (they don't have the same feature but have similar material for a lot less $/L)

    Od J. B. Dne 06/Dec/2022 :

    Titul : Amazing for potting up
    Komentáře : It saves you the hassle of removing a fabric pot from a mature plant. It really sucks. But the velcro is a live saver and I recommend everyone to use this to pot up plants!

    Od T. D. Dne 21/Nov/2022 :

    Titul : Nice
    Komentáře : The fact it can be opened helps to dry in case of overwatering and makes transplantation much easier. No issue so far with the plants in this pot.

    Od H. N. Dne 07/Nov/2022 :

    Titul : The perfect one
    Komentáře : Super bon produit. Idéal pour ce que je cherchais. Très bonne qualité.

    Od G. M. Dne 05/Sep/2022 :

    Titul : Ottimo vaso
    Komentáře : Le piante respirano meglio con questi tipi di vasi in tessuto.. Il terreno non rimane papposo in caso di forti piogge perché lascia trasparire l'acqua in eccesso

    Od E. Q. Dne 29/Aug/2022 :

    Titul : Vasi in tela
    Komentáře : Consegna arrivata puntuale con la massima cura. Comprerò ancora da voi.

    Od F. #. Dne 08/May/2022 :

    Titul : The perfect pot
    Komentáře : Finally I've found the perfect pot that I can use over and over. It is so well built with strong fabric, strong seams and an extremely strong velcro closing flap. It holds water too without leaking it out the sides as you water like cheap pots do. I'm delighted with this pot, I'm sure it will last me many years. Outstanding product.

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