Royal Cookies

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  • THC: 23%
  • CBD: Low
  • Yield Indoor: 450-525gr m2
  • Yield Outdoor: 450-500 grams per plant dried
  • Height Indoor: 80 - 110 cm
  • Height Outdoor: 140-180 cm
  • Doba kvetení: 8-9 týdnů
  • Měsíc sklizně: Polovina října
  • Genetický původ: Cookies Forum x Cookies Forum
  • Typ: Sativa: 20% Indica: 80%
  • Účinek: Relaxed and Euphoric

    By Cornille R. :

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    By Nicolas L. on 29/Sep/2016 :

    Title : tasty strong dense sticky
    Comment : difficult start, but gave me great results. Nice big plant, with small but dense and really beautiful flowers. The taste is very earthy and lemony and piny also. It 's so strong that a small smoke will be enough to feel a nice body relaxing feeling and will lock you into the couch if you use it too much. For cannabis lovers for sure. Best new strain ever since a long time

    By stephanie B. on 12/Sep/2016 :

    Title : Bien
    Comment : Je viens tout juste de les commencer il y a 1 semaine est j'espere quelles tiendront car elles ont eu du mal à demarrer surtout 2 (nouvelle varieté que j'essaie). En tout cas j'espère qu'elles vont tenir et avoir un bon resultat un finale :). A voir dans les prochaines semaines.

    By Sed J. on 05/Sep/2016 :

    Title : order experience and support
    Comment : RQS are really good. I have been ordering from them for almost a year. Before ordering i will send emails and questions about benefits and grow conditions etc. Even after if i think i have done something wrong, they will help and answer my question and show me there support blog pages.Its just not about getting seeds, its the overall customer experience.I am a total novice and rqs are helpful and supportive.Have got a seed ready to pop soon. Then can plant.

    By Benjamin R. :

    The customer has rated the product but has not posted a review

    By Oliver M. on 22/Aug/2016 :

    Title : Super Strain
    Comment : ...meine waren sativa-lastig, und sind dementsprechend gestretcht. Aber harzig und superpotent!

    By Julien H. on 28/Jul/2016 :

    Title : Longtemps que je cherchais une variété se rapprochant de la girl scout cookies originale
    Comment : C'est actuellement la seule variété de gsc qui n'est pas croisé avec autre chose car son cross est gsc forum cut X gsc forum cut,apres c'est vraiment pour les amateur de cookies

    By Rick S. on 25/Jul/2016 :

    Title : Amazing high and taste!
    Comment : I just finished my Royal Cookies, and im high as fuck right now. The smell and the taste is unique. I dont really know what to compare it with, but it tastes like heaven. The high is pretty mellow, a great hybrid. Love it! And i have never seen so much crystals on a bud before

    By Thomas R. on 25/Jul/2016 :

    Title : Nice plant
    Comment : Nice ane helthy looking plants, a little slower in groth, but strong in smell. Also the service and email comunication are Top! (good job!)

    By aaron T. :

    The customer has rated the product but has not posted a review

    By Walter V. :

    The customer has rated the product but has not posted a review

    By Marcus F. on 13/Jun/2016 :

    Title : GREAT..!!
    Comment : Royal Queen Seeds... ;-}Customer service...{Check}Price(of items) ...{Check}Packaging ...{Check}X-tra free seeds ...{Check}Delivered FREE?!!...{Check}And i haven't even germed the product yet "lol" ...But if their service is any thing to go by..?!! Then....;-}...!!p.s.....Soon as it's cured i'll update my rating..!! But this is for the service "ALONE"..!!

    By Charles P. :

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